Monday, January 2, 2006

iPod Video

I got an iPod Video (60GB, white) for my birthday back in November.
The screen on it is awesome (but does scratch easy). I've been using
it to watch movies while on the exercise machine in the mornings at
the Gym. There's a good tutorial for ripping DVDs to the iPod for the
mac at: Since
I never have time otherwise to watch movies and it takes my mind off
the pain it works well for me. It also helps that it stores ALL my
music etc.

Bye bye World of Warcraft

So I finally had enough of the Chinese Farmers and poor response by
the World of Warcraft (WoW) support people and nuked my account. I
had a level 60 pally with an Epic mount and a level 39 mage before I
called it quits. The final straw was a wait queue of 400 (51 minutes
esimated) before I could even login. WoW's response was "they've
optimized the number of servers for the number of subscribers they
have". Yeah right. You do the math: $14.95/month, 5 Million
subscribers. I think they could afford a few more computers and
someone who knows how to program a load balancing algorithm.

It was a huge time sink anyway. So whats been going on on this planet
in the last year??