Friday, September 28, 2007

iPhone 1.1.1

So, yeah, like many I hacked the iPhone to get on all the 3rd party
apps. For the most part they were "nice to have". There was no one
killer app I had to have. The ones I enjoyed the most were SendSong
(custom ringtones) and then the games. Note that I didn't do the
Carrier hacking, AT&T (to my surprise) does just fine for me and
meets my needs. All cell phone companies stink, so they're disposable
as far as i'm concerned.

Some initial observations with the 1.1.1 update:

1) I didnt uninstall my apps first, the upgrade was kind enough to do
that for me but it worked flawlessly. No failures during the update
and no complaints.
2) After the update it said I had to re-activate the phone but that
was basically just a sync with iTunes. I didnt even have to click a
3) My SendSong custom ringtones survived (!), otherwise all evidence
of prior hacking/mods are gone
4) Some nice new additons:
a) iTunes Wifi store - awesome. Bought a song, interface was great,
previews and all. Love it!
b) Speaker is noticeably louder
c) You can now shutoff the data roaming if you go overseas (since
you're probably not a billionaire if you're reading this)
d) All the misc stuff like double tap home button, 2 spaces = "." etc.

I'll miss the games and just the look and feel of the home page on
the phone, but overall its a nice improvement for me and i'll look
forward to reading the threads as they figure out how to re-hack it.