Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finally bought another iPhone App

Up until recently the only iPhone App I had purchased was OmniFocus (not a good deal at $20). When iPhone OS came out for my iPhone 3G OmniFocus became useless it was so slow, but after upgrading to the iPhone 4 its a decent app again. It nicely ties into the desktop app (which you also have to pay for). And if you're foolish enough, you can pay yet again $40 for the separate iPad app. I wont be doing that - i'll run the iPhone app on the iPad in 2x mode and save the $40. How many times is the Omni group going to get money out of me for the same thing?

Anyway, i've been doing fitness road biking trying to go every other day. I have a Trek crossover bike:

Not great for pure road work like i've been doing but the roads near me are hard to call roads. I've got a bracket for my iPhone 4 so I can listen to music (over the speaker -- i'm in a dead quiet area and there's no traffic) and watch the GPS. That leads me to EveryTrail. I've been using the free version all summer and I love the way it tracks my pace, the altitude and keeps me from getting lost. Here's a recent ride:

Past Church 8-28-10 at EveryTrail

Since i've been using it every other day I decided to pay the $3.99 for the pro version even though there are NO extra features that I care about in the pro version. I paid to support them. Its a shame they don't have extras in there like something to calculate my performance versus the last time I did the same trip or calculate the maximum inclines and duration of inclines etc. Its a generic application for tracking trails and it does that well.

I've been slowly leveling up on my biking fitness and gear. First a flat kit, then the gloves to avoid sore palms, then the padded bike shorts (I found out why so many people wear them the hard way...). Next summer perhaps i'll break down and get a road bike and see if I can get my distances up. I'm doing 10-12 miles each time in my hilly area. I'll never be a Lance Armstrong but at least i'm not a total couch potato.

Another app i've been loving recently is Waze, a free "social" GPS. Since I spend a lot of time in the car i've been leveling up there.

And finally, Audible came out with their own free app. You may ask why use the Audible app when you can play their audiobooks with iTunes? Its all about the stats to me. I'm a numbers junkie. Total listening time on the audible app since it was released on 7/16: 32 hours. Total audio books in library: 59. I tend to hunt for a good author or series and then wipe it out and move on. If you're looking for a Sci Fi series and have a lot of time I enjoyed the Lost Fleet Series.

Oh and there are some "for pay" apps I have but I got them for free by watching the FreeAppAlert to see if they come up. Always worth a quick look.

If you have any iPhone apps you can't live without let me know, i'm always looking for good ones. Waze was a sleeper I didn't hear about anywhere else. I wonder how many others are out there like that?