Friday, November 2, 2007

SSH Access

Since i've been complaining about Leopard, here's a plug. You can now
skip SSH keychain managers and have OSX remember your SSH passwords.
See this URL:

If you were using SSHKeychain before for keychain management you may
need this helpful tip:

Then you can setup a cron job to sync some remote (work?) machine to
some other (home) machine like this:

30 00 * * 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 echo "Starting rsync..." && rsync -avz -e "ssh
-p 1234 -i /Users/aUser/.ssh/aUser_home" --delete --
exclude="*Trashes" /Users/aUser/Documents/
:/Users/aUser/Documents/Work_machine && echo "rsync complete"

Make sure you setup SSH on your home machine behind some decent
security. For me, its behind a NAT, only one port is open and its not
well known and it only allows my user name in and it requires a ssh
key (username/password not allowed).

I used to do all the above before Leopard, but now I got to drop
SSHKeychain and do it more natively. Thanks Apple!