Tuesday, July 22, 2008

iPhone 2.0/Calendar update

A friend at work showed me that you can indeed have both both Exchange and MobileMe enabled for push at the same time and the phone will do the right thing. The thing you can't do is have push Exchange calendar but do a manual sync of your other calendars. Its all push or nothing for each type. That helped with me avoiding double entries for the Exchange calendar, but since you can't push subscriptions i've lost my TripIt calendar feed :(

Anyone with any bright ideas how to fix that one?


JGF said...

Rob, can you provide some more details on how to get MobileMe and Exchange calendars both on the iPhone?

You left a link on my blog but it's not rendering.

Rob said...

The trick is both have to be push. You can't sync either via iTunes or it won't work.

Not sure if the order matters but I configured MobileMe push first for calendars/contacts and then enable activesync for Exchange.

Both are sync'ing well and not polluting each other (which was a fear I had)

This is all configured in settings on the iPhone under "Mail, contacts, calendars"