Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Killer iPhone App

I don't recommend many iPhone Apps but this one is a killer and its free (for now)

Goodbye memory sticks.

Anyway, other ones I use all the time (all are free which is no accident):

* 1Password- Password manager. A great compliment to the Mac desktop version, they do have a permissions sync issue they're working on though.
* NetNewsWire - RSS Reader. Another great Mac complimenting app. Great way to keep on top of interesting stuff at airports, in traffic, Dunkin Donuts lines :) etc.
* Shazam - Figures out what song is playing and tells you the name/artist. Works great and keeps a list.
* Movies (or Showtimes) - Both are decent for looking up local (based on GPS) movie times etc.
* WeightTrack - Odd that its linked to OKC etc but its a way to keep a log of my weight (non)loss. 

Thats it. I have 5 screens of apps installed but none make the cut of normal use. 

One killer built in tool I use is go to google maps, type in a search term (like Dunkin Donuts) and watch all the pins appear on your map. Touch one and say "Directions to here" and load up on the Caffeine!