Thursday, April 8, 2010


Now being stuck with a portable but not cell connected device I began to think about the lack of free wifi access everywhere. Especially in airports and the sticks where I live. A friend told me about the MiFi and it sounded like a good idea. I've had an aircard (USB thing that gives you internet access on your computer anywhere you have cell coverage) for years. I pay $60/month and its on Verizon so I get decent coverage and speed. The speed is like DSL speed. Since my contract was up, the day I got the iPad I went to verizon to ask about an upgrade. Because of the contract expiring etc I moved to the Mifi for a whopping $3.00 after the rebate.

The MiFi is great. Now instead of USB connection its wireless and supports up to 5 devices. It came just in time since my company was having serious internet issues with our T1s (turns out that was verizons fault, seems to be justice in that somewhere) and a bunch of the guys jumped on my MiFi while we were in pain.

And now my iPad is on wireless, through a decent carrier, wherever I want it to be. That makes the iPad more useful.

Better yet when the family is stuck at an airport now all 3 of us can jump on the net and surf etc.
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