Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Netflix vs Redbox round 2

A while back I wrote about Netflix vs Redbox and that i'd moved over to Redbox. Today's news has Netflix as largest source of streaming content in North America. After I got the AppleTV a while back I re-subscribed to Netflix and have actually been using both streaming (very lightly) as well as their lowest unlimited subscription (1 at a time) alongside Redbox depending on the need etc.

Redbox was bugging me for a few reasons. I had to stop to get/return the DVDs and sometimes I forgot to return the disc. At other times when I went to just return the disk the line was long and I had no time to wait around while people browsed for the movies they wanted to watch. There are competitors to Redbox that exist only because they have 2 interfaces that can be used at the same time -- one to rent and one to return. Then the final straw was that Redbox for whatever business reason took out the only 2 Redboxes I pass on my 90 minute round trip commute. Both were at Xtramart stores on Route 146 in MA and perhaps there's some relationship issue there. But now its very inconvenient for me to pick up or return a DVD from them. The only one within 20 mins of my house now is at a grocery store and its always busy and the place is a zoo anyway.

While i'm not a believer yet in Netflix on the streaming side because its library is hideously limited, right now they have the edge for me since I can get movies from them in a couple different ways and its more convenient. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the long term. How long can the $5 PPV rentals last and how long before Netflix stops mailing DVDs around the country?

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