Wednesday, September 21, 2005

a Mac Fan

In case you haven't guessed yet, i'm a Mac fan. I started using Apples back in 1980 with the original Apple II. My first view of a Mac was a Lisa when I worked at American Express Bank. I bought an original Mac 128 when they came out (still have it, signatures inside the case and all), and got a PowerMac when they came out around 1989 or so. Later on in my career I went over to the dark side when work started giving me free PC's at home. It saved on upgrades for many years and the Mac really wasnt a business machine to me at that point. After a dark 10 years I finally made it back to the Mac when my Unix/Linux work merged with my Management needs for Office apps. OSX was the perfect answer and i'm now using a work-provided PowerBook G4 15" which I love (although I like the format/size of my wifes PB G4 12" better...). One machine for home and work. Everything from playing World of Warcraft (Level 59 dwarf Paladin) to MS Office Apps, Virtual PC, Eclipse Java development etc.