Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More Mac stuff

Another peeve on the mac is that there are some apps I like that don't exist (or poorly exist) for the mac:
1) MS Project -- I need this for work and nothing decent exists on the mac. There are a couple open source initiatives but they're far from capable for what I need. So i've resorted to Virtual PC and running it under there. Virtual PC is good if you need it, but i'd rather not have it at all.
2) I used to love Street Atlas USA on the PC, but it doesn't exist on the mac. While you can use MapQuest it requires you to be online and can be sluggish and doesn't have as many options. I liked being able to pull it up while on the road, do research etc and do it all at decent speeds. On the mac the only thing I found so far has been Route 66 USA which is a poor product. The speed is horrible and the UI is very cumbersome. I'd rather use a real atlas. While I did buy Route 66 USA, i've regretted it ever since.