Sunday, February 12, 2006


Ok, so since I quit World of Warcraft I played FEAR and Call of Duty
2. At $50 each and about a week of play time (even with a busy life)
you begin to see the value of the MMORPGs. The only problem with them
is they don't evolve fast enough, they quickly get too big for the
companies to manage and you end up getting bored with them.

Another nice thing about World of Warcraft was that it supported the
Mac. The other ones out (top ones being Eve and Guild Wars right now)
don't support OSX. Hopefully with the intel macs things like that
will change. No reason to suffer a lousy OS just to play a good game...


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you regained your sanity. Sorry to hear you still like Apple's. I might get back to writing soon, but for now, the mind is blank.