Monday, February 4, 2008

Obligatory comment on MS/Yahoo

Ok, so here's my 2c to the whole thing. Google is mad that Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo and Microsoft is angry about that. The thing that I wonder about is why Google cares? Microsoft can't get their stuff together in this area and Yahoo is not even close as far as I can tell (but what do I know?). Yahoo's mail client has gotten a lot more slick and they've been getting into interesting things like push mail with the iPhone but I see all that going away if they join the borg.. oops I mean Microsoft. 

As to the rumors about Apple bidding on Yahoo. I say stick to innovative real products and don't spread yourself too thin.

So really google, why do you care? Just do what you do best and outthink them. The bar really isn't that high anyway (VistaMac Office 2008 being two messes i've recently noted in this blog).