Saturday, February 9, 2008

Video conferencing for the rest of us

Rumors are starting to circulate that Apple will add video conferencing (ala iChat) to its AppleTV. That would be the killer app for the box. For me, as i've said before the, the AppleTV holds little appeal. But if all of a sudden it supports video conferencing i'll be buying one, not for myself, but for my PC-brainwashed family. 

AppleTV becomes Apple's next virus to infect the home after iTunes. iTunes introduced easy synchronization on multiple platforms and a way to deliver music, movies, TV, and soon iPhone apps. Next AppleTV will be replacing your phone calls and bringing more mac-like stuff to your living room. For those who refuse to move off their PCs and move to the unknown world of Apple, this small step (after the lure of the iPhone) is yet another pull into the wonderful world of all things Apple.