Saturday, March 13, 2010

Google is taking over my life

If you've been following my blog for a while you've heard various stories on my approach to mail and calendaring at home and at work. I'm now that the point where both mail and calendar for each are on Google Apps. I'm still not there on address book or chat, but its definitely heding in that direction. I also started using Google Chrome and its actually real competition for Safari. Firefox never had a chance with its long load times. 

So now comes the big question: If you're using web apps, why use desktop clients to access them? This week I made the jump and went to the extent of making Fluid apps for google mail and google calendar, giving them the same icons as the Apple mal/cal icons and removing the regular apps from my doc. I'm still learning the idiosynchronices of the google interfaces, but so far so good. 

When I travel i'll have to revert to imap or try the very early Google gears on OSX, but there are options.

Its hard to beat free, especially if the free stuff is doing a good job (and in some cases better than the paid stuff). 

Google is slowing winning me over. I don't agree with all their choices, or how they've handled data and data management but starting to take sips of their cool aid. I dont buy that they'll replace desktop OS's with web applications anytime soon. There's just too much data (video, pictures, music etc) and too much need for offline access in todays world, but they will win on some key fronts like email.
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