Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The way not to handle a mistake

So the other day I got an email from our state Representative, Jennifer Callahan and then 3 message recalls:

Callahan, Jennifer - Rep. (HOU) would like to recall the message, "Newsletter".

I wrote back that it seemed like they were having a rough time and wished them a better day. Their response:

Dear Rob:
I am terribly sorry for the messages on Friday.  Unfortunately, a young gentleman working in my office who is developmentally challenged made an error in sending out the original email entitled Newsletter.  I apologize for the inconvenient messages and recall attempts he subsequently made.  He tried to resolve the error on his own before asking for assistance.  You have my deepest apologies on his behalf.  In closing, I hope you are well and thank you for your patience and understanding. --Sincerely, Representative Callahan

Is it me or is blaming someone working for you, who may or may not be "developmentally challenged" the wrong way to handle this? It certainly didn't make me think better of our representative. Perhaps they thought mentioning that they had a "developmentally challenged" person working in their office would raise my opinion? Either way, if you hire people and they work for you, you have to take responsibility for their actions. Thats leadership.

How about:

Dear Rob:
I am terribly sorry for the messages on Friday.  

Sometimes less is more.
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