Saturday, October 27, 2007


Finally there. Didn't help that I have filevault and several macs to do.

This "solution" just stinks:

. Its basically a wipe. I had the problem but ended up moving a bunch
of stuff out of my filevault home volume and then allowing it to
reclaim the space. Once I did that I could turn off file vault (and
then back on again). Finally I got my Time Machine enabled with my
encrypted home directory.

I also had an old 12" MacBook with no DVD that I wanted to install
tiger on. Fortunately I had an external USB DVD RW drive. Double
clicking the installer didnt work (didnt install the DVD after the
reboot), but holding down option during the boot got me to select the
disk and install it.

There are a lot of look and feel changes that will take time to get
used to, but now at least im using it and not watching installs or
LONG filevault operations.