Friday, October 26, 2007

Leopard first takes

Well, it looks cool but I have to admit i've had my issues with
Leopard already before it even hits the shelves in the store:

1) I cant turn on Time Machine on the shiny new 1TB drive I bought.
Seems nobody knew/mentioned that you have to turn off filevault and
then turn it back on again under Leopard before you can enable Time
Machine with a File Vault enabled machine. Do you know how long it
takes to turn it off then back on again??? Im going to find out but
thats miserable. Not to mention my one machine failed in the "turn off
file vault" operation and just came back up with it still enabled.

2) Those spring loaded folders you've heard all about (stacks) dont
always do the spring thing. So far I havent been able to figure why
they do sometimes and at other times dont.

3) On one machine double clicking "install leopard" after inserting
the DVD worked fine. On another it didnt and I had to reboot and hold
down "c" to get it to CD (DVD) boot so I could install.

4) Post install on my 8 core MacPro, the machine is heavily crunching
the hard drives (a mirrored pair of 500GB 7,200 rpm disks) to the
point that the machine is sluggish. Its like the old spotlight initial
pain from Tiger all over again.