Friday, October 26, 2007


Well, I made some progress:

1) Stacks - doh - click (left) on them and they pop, hold and you get
a different menu. I was holding. Dumb operator error...

2) Cisco VPN, get the latest here and you'll be fine:

3) File vault issues, Apple has an article that worked for me. The odd
thing is that disk utility found nothing wrong and nothing to fix, but
running through this process made it work to turn off disk utility. Go
figure. Here's the link:

4) Speed of mac pro - clicking on the spotlight icon in the menu tells
me I have 5 hours to go. Sigh. I hope when its done it can actually
find things. The old one never did it well and it sure wasnt zippy.
Perhaps apple needs to meet Lucene (

5) 2 of my 5 macs are now running Leopard so i'm getting there