Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back to my Mac & SSH

I've mentioned in the past that I only have 1 port open to the outside
world for remote access to my home computer. Its for SSH traffic and
isn't over the standard SSH port and requires a SSL certificate. Given
that, how do I do the "Back to my Mac thing"?

From the client you're accessing the machine from:

1) You need the SSL cert
2) Create a SSH tunnel for the "back to my mac" remote desktop:
sudo ssh -p <some port> <dns name of host machine> -l <host user
name> -L 8888:
3) Now in Safari open up this URL:

Sure its not as simple as "Back to my mac" but then again i'm not
asking for the world of Unix and Mac hackers to attack port 5900
looking for VNC like security flaws.


Derril said...

AWESOME!! I have been looking so long for a way to get around using UPNP, specifically because I'm using the Linksys RV042 router which doesn't seem to fully support BTMM. This solves the problem perfectly and gives me the flexibility to use it pretty much anywhere, using any local ports. Thanks man!!