Monday, September 14, 2009

iPhone 3.1 Woes

Since i've upgraded to the 3.1 OS on the iPhone my iPhone has been frustrating. Its slow to respond, takes forever on key presses, battery is draining quickly, etc. Looking around the net shows that others are experiencing the same thing. The general solution appears to be don't turn on wifi and bluetooth at the same time although others are suggesting more drastic measures. I'll give the wifi/bluetooth settings a shot and see how it does over the next day or so and report back. 

Seems like a basic test case. Perhaps they used the team from Snow Leopard? Or are they just giving us grief for not upgrading the the 3GS? Of course if they had offered early upgrades...


Rob said...

So after following threads (like this one) i've taken the following actions:

1) Disable wifi
2) Disable bluetooth
3) Turn off push notifications for all services

The phone isn't as quick as it was before the upgrade but it no longer hangs, freezes, reboots etc. Its been clean like that for 48 hours.

The best analysis I saw so far is that its a memory leak related to push/MobileMe. That one makes the most sense.

Anyway, if you're stuck do the above. Don't bother restoring/wiping etc. From what i've read that wont help.